Commercial Roof & Wall Cladding, Manufacturing & Installation.

With over 26 plus years of experience in commercial & residential construction, A.J. Wells Steel Framing & Construction is a leading manufacturer of Cold-Formed Steel framing solutions and design throughout Jacksonville and North Florida’s communities. 

Using the latest innovative technology and the FrameCad manufacturing equipment, their team can rapidly produce lightweight modular and panelized systems from Cold-formed Steel to create Multi-Family Homes, Commercial build-outs, Warehouses, Schools, and more.  If you can dream it, we can build it

Cold-Formed Steel Framing Offers A Long Range Of Benefits being non-combustible can withstand fires, hurricanes, and high winds. Cold-formed steel is a termite, mold, and rot-proof solution and is the most recycled material on Earth. The ease of prefabrication and mass production, fast and easy erection and installation speeds up construction time, creating an early ROI.

A.J. Wells Steel Framing & Construction collectively offers over 150 combined plus  years of work experience. Our sales team, office managers, cold-formed steel technicians, and architects contribute to each project’s successful completion. Leveraging the wisdom of their experience and skills, the company takes every precaution to ensure clients’ projects are secure and treated with the highest of quality.