Permacolor 3500

Full Strength 70% Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000®


TEXTUR3D is a unique textured finish that provides a new level of visual depth, dimension, and durability resulting in improved performance and visual enhancement over traditional painted surfaces. TEXTUR3D coating has been formulated and designed to provide dimensional depth to the surface, thereby diffusing and redirecting light to provide an appealing look while reducing the appearance of oil-canning.

TEXTUR3D has been developed to provide a more durable surface and enhanced resistance to scratching and scuffing common with low gloss or matte finishes while maintaining the same excellent film integrity, weathering performance, and resistance to chalking and fading that Ultra-Clad is known for.


FLUROPON® 70% PVDF Coil Coating Systems provide numerous benefits, such as exceptional resistance to ultraviolet rays, consistent and durable color retention, superior adhesion, excellent flexibility and formability, and high film integrity.


Matte Black

Regal White

Terra Cotta

Slate Gray

Medium Bronze

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