Low Slope Roof Conversions

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Struggling with the challenges of a low-slope roof?

First, we perform a thorough evaluation and assess the condition of the decking and support structures, addressing any signs of Water Soaked Substrate or Unstable roof decking. Next, we install a slope to your roof to allow for positive drainage. We can use several methods, but two methods that are commonly used are ISO-BOARD tapered insulation systems and the other is we have machines that can create light gauge steel trusses to attach to your flat roof. This creates a slope/pitch that allows water to shed off the roof properly. With a sturdy and precisely angled surface, we lay the groundwork for the seamless installation of our standing seam roof. The installation of our Standing Seam metal roof. This system ensures a leak-free and long-lasting solution. Unlike conventional roofs with numerous horizontal and vertical joints and materials made from asphalt that breaks down over time, our standing seam metal roof is expertly installed without exposed fasteners, eliminating potential leak points. Our panels seamlessly run through a specialized machine, spanning the full length of the roof section, leaving no visible joints from the eave to the ridge. The result is an immaculate, seamless surface that offers unparalleled protection against leaks compared to your standard flat roof system, that only usually lasts 10 to 15 years. Standing seam metal roofs will last generations.

Converting a Flat Modified Roof System

Into a Tapered ISO-Board System and Seamless Metal Roof




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