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Shingle roofing isn’t just a popular choice—it’s a smart one. Its resilience against harsh weather—be it heavy rain, or gusty winds and its low maintenance make it a cost-effective choice for homeowners. Plus, we offer a diverse range of colors and styles ensures your home doesn’t just get protection but also an aesthetic boost.

Roof replacement isn’t just about shelter—it’s an investment. And like all critical investments, the partner you choose is paramount. That’s where A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction comes in, setting itself apart from the rest.

With decades of seasoned experience, our craftsmanship promises longevity. Our customer-centric approach guarantees a seamless experience for you. Boasting several decades of collective expertise, we guide you through durability, cost, and design decisions.

Ready for a roof built to last? Reach out to A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction. Remember, we also offer 100% financing options!

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Shingle Roof Replacement in Florida

We stand by our work with a 10-year workmanship guarantee
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We are fully licensed, insured, and trained to complete your roofing project.

Since 2008, our family-owned roofing enterprise has served homeowners and businesses across Northeast and Central Florida. Offering unparalleled roofing services, from roof replacement and installation to maintenance and asphalt shingle repair – we ensure your roofing needs are met with precision.

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